DIY Faux Chalkboard



I recently tried the new Prima Decor Transfers in white by Iron Orchid Designs. I combined the transfer with some Decor Moulds and Fusion Mineral Paint.

One word: AMAZING!!

I made a faux chalkboard and it’s pretty fancy. Come on, I’ll show you how.

Let’s gather up our supplies. You’ll need the following:

a wooden board

Iron Orchid Designs White Decor Transfer  – Memoir Item #816384

Iron Orchid Designs Decor Mould – Antoinette – Item #815806

Iron Orchid Designs Decor Mould – Large Fleurish – Item #81531

Iron Orchid Designs Paper Clay – Item #814991

wood glue (or any good, strong glue)

Fusion Mineral Paint in “Ash”

Fusion Mineral Paint in “Casement”

small disposable cup

paint brushes

paper towels



First off, paint the board. I used Ash by Fusion Mineral Paints. Its a beautiful, rich, dark charcoal gray. This paint is a dream to work with! Once the paint it dry, apply the transfer. Remove the protective acetate backing and then line up the transfer where you want it on your board. Use the enclosed tool to burnish the transfer firmly in place.


Now you can create your clay castings. Use a little corn starch in the moulds for ease of  clay removal. Press the clay into the moulds, remove, and glue right onto your board.



Once the clay has dried, you can paint right over the moulds using the same Fusion Paint in Ash.


Let dry. Once the paint has dried, mix some of the Fusion Mineral Paint in “Casement” with water, in your disposable cup. You want a watery consistency because were going to take a paintbrush and “wash” the white color over the moulds to highlight the details. Immediately wipe away the white paint, leaving some in the crevices and details of the moulds. Now, dip a paper towel into the wash and wipe it over the rest of the board in a circular motion, working in small sections, wiping away the white paint with a clean towel as you go.


When complete, it will look like a beautiful, dusty chalkboard! Now hang your gorgeous piece of art, step back, and admire your hard work!


I hope you enjoyed this project and will give it a try!



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