DIY Cedar Chest Makeover


Hello to all of my DIY friends!

I’m here today to show you how you can take an old cedar chest and give it some French Farmhouse flair!

Here is a list of supplies that you will need to complete the project.

-an old cedar chest or any other piece of furniture you may have

-any white color chalky finish paint

-paint brush

-IOD Decor Stamps – Grain Wreath – item #815431

-IOD Decor Stamps – Grainery – item #815424

-IOD Decor Stamps – Laurel – item #815455

IOD Decor Ink – Soft Black – item #815011

IOD Decor Ink – Provincial – item #815103

IOD 10X12 Acrylic Block – item #815004

(2) IOD Dry Foam Pads – item #815134

Ready? Let’s get started!



Here is the cedar chest that I found at a thrift store. The first thing I did was paint the chest white using a chalky finish paint.




Now that the cedar chest is painted, it’s time to add the best part! We’re going to stamp it using the IOD Decor Stamps listed above.

Take your dry foam pad and squirt the ink onto it in a zig-zag pattern. Use an old gift card or other hard plastic item that can be used as a squeegee to spread the ink and press it into the pad. Use a different pad for each color of ink.

Now remove your stamps from the acetate sheet that they are mounted on. Place them on your acrylic block and then ink the stamps.


We’ll do the grain sack stripe using the Grainery set first, using the Provincial ink.


Followed by the laurel wreath from the Grain Wreath set, using the soft black ink.


It needed a little something else, so I also added the words “DE FRANCE” using the stamp from the Laurel stamp set.


Since this was a much smaller stamp, I just mounted it on the lid from the foam pad.

Go ahead an use the soft black ink for this too. Stamp and you’re done!



I love how it turned an old, boring piece of furniture into something pretty special. Very simple and easy to do. I hope you’ll give it a try!

Have a great day!!



4 thoughts on “DIY Cedar Chest Makeover

  1. Hi, I’m a new follower. I’m glad I found you. I’m an artist and just recently rented a space on a vintage store were I will be selling my vintage painted pieces of furniture and my handmade jewelry and more.
    Thank you for a great informative tutorial, I now have the courage to use my french inspired stencils on some of my pieces.
    Thank you, From Temecula, Ca.
    Blanca M.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! I’m so happy that you were inspired to go forward with your project. You can do it!! Have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.


    1. Thank you! Yes, you should definitely give this a try! It was a really fun project. I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving me such a kind comment! Have a great day!


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