Lamp Shade Makeover


Hello Everyone!!

Do you have a lamp shade that’s tired and worn out or maybe it’s just kind of bland and needs a little something?

Well, I’m here to help you out. I’ve used Iron Orchid Designs Decor Stamps by Prima to take this boring white lampshade from bland to grand!


You just need a lampshade and a few Prima supplies. Let’s get creative!

Supply List:

IOD Decor Stamps – Laurel  – Item: 815455

IOD Decor Stamps – Alpha II – Item:815417

IOD 10X12 Acrylic Block – Item: 815004

IOD Decor Ink, Soft Black – Item: 815011

Dry Foam Stamp Pad – Item: 815134

Fabric for the ruffle along the bottom of the shade {optional}



Let’s get started.

The first thing you want to do is add ink to your dry foam pad. I just squeeze the ink onto the pad in a zig-zag pattern and then use an old gift card or any hard plastic item that you can use as a squeegee to help spread the ink and push it into the foam. You could also just use a foam brush to apply the ink to the stamp, but I prefer the ink pad.

Now peel the stamps from their acetate backing and mount them to your acrylic block. I chose the small wreath and the crown from the “Laurel” set as well as letters and numbers from the Alpha II set. I used the “S” for our last name and the “No” and “24” All from the same set.

Lay your lampshade on a table or other firm work surface. I placed a book on either side of my lampshade to keep it from rolling around.


Use your ink pad to apply ink to the stamps.


Now, center your block and stamps over the lampshade and carefully press the inked stamps down onto the lampshade. I used my free hand to support the shade from the underside, to keep the shade from buckling or bending while pressing the stamp. Use a straight up and down motion when pressing the stamp onto the lampshade and removing it, taking care not to slide your stamp around.

That’s it! Super easy and now you can admire the beautiful grain sack inspired lampshade you’ve just created!

*For my lampshade, I also added a little ruffle to the bottom of the shade with a glue gun and a small strip of fabric up top. This is totally optional and the only reason I did it was because my shade was just a bit too short. Without the ruffle, I could still see the lamp socket, even with the shade on. You can see what I mean in the “before” photo above. You don’t have to do this. The lampshade looks great without it too!


Have a great day friends and happy creating!